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They turned their telescopes in the direction of other nearby galaxies → Ils dirigèlease leurs télescopes vers d'autres galaxies proches.

Tip: If you need all the tables expanded, it is actually simplest to grow them from The underside to the top.

transfer, displace - trigger to maneuver or shift right into a new posture or area, each in a very concrete As well as in an abstract perception; "Shift People containers in the corner, make sure you"; "I am shifting my funds to a different bank"; "The director moved much more duties on to his new assistant"

gyration, revolution, rotation - one total flip (axial or orbital); "the plane made 3 rotations prior to it crashed"; "the revolution from the earth with regards to the Sunshine requires 1 12 months"

change - a brief theatrical efficiency that is an element of an extended software; "he did his act thrice every single evening"; "she experienced a catchy little regime"; "it had been among the best quantities he ever did"

= immediate to turn just one’s thoughts/awareness to a thing → seine Gedanken/Aufmerksamkeit einer Sache (dat) → zuwenden; to show a single’s ways homeward → seine Schritte heimwärts lenken (liter, hum); to show a gun on someone → ein Gewehr auf jdn richten; the law enforcement turned the hoses to the demonstrators → die Polizei richtete die Wasserwerfer auf die Demonstranten

move - go so as to vary situation, accomplish a nontranslational movement; their website "He moved his hand somewhat to the ideal"

modify - undergo a adjust; become different in essence; dropping one's or its first mother nature; "She modified wholly as she grew older"; "The weather transformed last evening"

b. To reverse the training course of; lead to to retreat: "Then change your forces from this paltry siege click this site / And stir them up towards a mightier job" (Shakespeare).

9. To assault all of a sudden and violently without having evident motive: The lion turned about the animal trainer.

c. Considered one of a series of this kind of opportunities accorded folks in succession or in scheduled buy: looking ahead to her next convert at bat.

5. (= destine, allocate) the land has been turned more than to sugar production → ahora la tierra está dedicada a see here la producción de azúcar

transform all around, reversal - turning in an reverse path or posture; "the reversal in the image from the lens"

He turned on Pete and accused him of working in medicine → Il s'en prit à Pete et l'accusa de vendre de la drogue.

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